Gardners Grapevine


Both Jen and I are very happy with how well the 2014 vintage wines are travelling.

The whites are currently on gross lees - yeast has settled and the wine extracts viscosity and mouth feel from this. The next stages for the Chardonnay is to trial some fining agents, in order to determine if the wine will benefit from this. This may not necessarily occur depending on desired style. We will taste at this time to always allow the wines personality to shine through. At this stage we are aiming to bottle the 2014 whites in July.

The reds have all completed secondary fermentation and are also on gross lees at present. These wines have a lovely intensity and are displaying some lovely flavours. At this point we are identifying that this will be a standout vintage possibly the best in 5 years.

There is an effortless persistence to these wines which has not been seen in quite some time!