Gardners Grapevine

2014 a vintage with frosty heat waves of rain

Well, what a year this has been! Pardon the intended pun, the only climatic factor that we did not have to deal with was hail, but there was some rain and a plentiful supply of shine.
The year started with budburst 2-3 weeks early, which was definitely a surprise. General weather conditions at this time were optimal with warms days and cool nights, allowing minimal intervention with organic preventative sprays required, just how we like it.
There were some minor frost events in late September, which we passed unscathed. Late in the second week of October, we did however receive a large frost, which did cause concern at first, but upon reviewing our vineyard only low lying areas, and those immediately above tree lines were touched. Parts of the vineyard in open, well (air) draining slopes were unaffected.
The remainder of the growing season provided sound conditions; we anticipated a dry season with warm days (BOM website is very handy!!) so irrigation was supplied to our vines in order to maintain healthy vigour. January leading into February provided us with unprecedented heat waves. There were three in succession, without much relief. I think we felt it more in our self sustainable straw bale house, than the vines, there is a part of me that wishes the vines could talk!
Harvest of our Chardonnay occurred in the last week of Jan, with our Shiraz being harvested in the second week of Feb, just before a soaking wet weekend.
All in all, another successful vintage, like always the wines from this year will reflect our minimal approach, well tended organic soils (you should see the worms!!) and the weather. The wines are already displaying full flavour, more on this later! Follow us on facebook